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Filter Backwash Optimization

Randy Otts with Water Willing Environmental, LLC will be giving a technical paper on "Filter Backwash Optimization - Gravity In-Filter Monitoring of Media Expansion and Turbidity for Conditional Backwash Control" This paper will be given at the Louisiana Conference on March 11th @ 11:00AM. To read more.......
Water Willing Environmental, LLC | 12/2/2019

Ayyeka Remote Monitoring Solutions Announcement

Water Willing Environmental, LLC is pleased to announce the addition of Ayyeka to our line card.

What is the Wavelet?
The Wavelet is a full-stack hardware, software, and service solution enabling data collection from any sensor, over any communication network, using any server, and integrated into any SCADA or software analytic platform.…
Water Willing Environmental, LLC | 1/2/2018

Understanding Polymer Activation - Technical Paper

Before the polymer can be used, it must be activated and diluted. Polymer activation is the process of stripping the oil off the polymer molecule and exposing the polymer to water. At the moment that the polymer is exposed to water, sufficient energy has to be added to very quickly disperse all the microscopic molecules and strip the oil off them. When the polymer is exposed to water it absorbs the water, unwinds, and extends. Maximum activation is achieved when all the polymer molecules have completely extended. Polymers are normally diluted to concentrations of 0.1% to 1.0%.…
Water Willing Environmental, LLC | 28/9/2017

Blacoh Fluid Controls Announcement

Water Willing Environmental, LLC is pleased to announce the addition of Blacoh Fluid Controls to our line card.

Blacho Fluid Control is a manufacturer of Pulsation, vibration, water hammer, surge... we’ve been solving pump problems since 1976.

Wherever vibration, pressure fluctuation, non-steady flow, noise, or rapidly wearing pump components are a problem or a significant disadvantage in the application, Blacoh can solve those problems to improve both the efficiency of the pump and the longevity of its components.…
Water Willing Environmental, LLC | 21/7/2017
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